Marriage is fun! Unfortunately people make decisions that create crises in their marriages. If your marriage is not working the way you desire or decisions have been made that have created fractures, distrust or betrayal we believe that through committed practice, truthful vulnerability and practical guidance that it will be restored. Our clinic utilizes a process that requires honesty from the beginning and those willing to participate fully often find an incredible burden lifted. We then deal with the underlying core issues both in the marriage and the individuals. Our process helps the marriage bond be strengthened and both individuals deal with the negative internal beliefs. We aim at strength, honesty, vulnerability and unity. We are interested in the restoration of marriage and family.


Addiction is destructive on all levels, personally, emotionally, relationally and globally. Our clinic focuses on addiction disorders through the use of treatments that are faster, more gentle and more effective than most conventional treatments. Our treatment approach is quicker and costs average about half in relation to addiction treatment facilities or standard psychotherapy. We treat the underlying roots of your addiction using evidence based therapy protocols.

We treat the following addictions:
• Drug and Alcohol Addiction
• Sexual Addictions
• Binge Eating
• Gambling
• Shopping


We use the most effective trauma treatment available, EMDR. Trauma can be an experience or an event in your life that impedes your ability to cope well. You may experience intrusive or recurring thoughts and images, a physiological response and/or avoidance from certain places, people or objects. Trauma is most commonly measured in the visceral response that a person has when recalling experiences or events. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing targets the neurological, physiological and emotional response systems in your body to update the response to the traumatic event.


Your identity is developed biologically, psychologically, environmentally and relationally. Research shows that there are common patterns in the development of unwanted same-sex attraction. Many people who have these attractions do not believe that they are natural or are fundamental to their identity. Our treatment focuses on the most prominent features we see and that have been identified clinically; Attachment security, Trauma (often sexual abuse), Addiction and OCD.

We use evidenced based protocols to treat these features and symptoms once the client has determined their own goals for being in therapy.

Family Bonding

Family is essential to the cultural fabric of our world. We work with the family to restore and strengthen the relationships. We have experience navigating with families through dealing with the grief of losing a loved one, the fractures and pain from marital infidelity and restoring families who have dealt with chronic chaos. We have a process that assists the family in creating a vision for what kind of relationships that are committed to having and then seeing that through.

We fully believe that if families can be restored, strengthened and healthy many of the issues people deal with can be managed and likely resolved. We believe this not just for “now”, we believe this for the future health of humanity.

Pre-Marital Therapy

We offer an experiential process for the couple who is journeying into marriage. The pre- marital process is six (6), 100 minute sessions. This process goes beyond assessment for marriage and offers the opportunity for couples to articulate, understand and navigate the integration of their lives.

Transformational Coaching

Transformation is exploration, discovery, creativity and meaning. We offer a six (6) week coaching program designed to help you gain clarity, create vision, connect to purpose and act boldly to move your life forward. Transformational coaching is based on phenomenology, • denoting or relating to an approach that concentrates on the study of consciousness and the objects of direct experience.

MFT Supervision

I supervise interns who have graduated and are now working on accumulating their hours for licensure.

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