Our Approach

We believe in your ability to confront and deal with the challenges in life.

Our goal is to intentionally, practically and encouragingly partner with you. Therapy is a process that gives you an opportunity to clearly identify your emotional and relational landscape and to actively move you and your family forward.

We are clinically and theologically integrated and have developed clear ways of merging these together in the way we practice. Our clinic is process driven, we are trained in protocols and modalities that are researched, proven and effective. Above all we desire for your therapy experience to be challenging, meaningful and that will allow you to be confident in your life.

Our Team

Our therapists desire to help you become stronger and move your life forward. We are intentional in our efforts, practical in application and will encourage you to face the challenges in your life. We believe in your strength and resilience and we want to help you act that out.

The vision of The Corner comes from a story…..

The Bible tells a story of a man who was paralzyed, he had been lying on a mat for years. One day Jesus was teaching in a home, it was so crowded that no one could get in, literally bursting out with people. The paralyzed man asked four of his friends to help get him close to Jesus, to God, to a new life. With no way to get him through the crowd they acted courageously and creatively.. They tore the roof off of the house, pulled their friend up on the roof and laid him down in front of God. He was healed, he got up and he walked out of the home, into a new life.

We see our role as therapists to carry a corner on your behalf. We want to help you get to the place where your life is new, your marriage and family are vibrant and your ability to walk into the world with strength and purpose are evident and clear.

Adam T. Fadel - Clinical Director

NC LMFT, SC LMFT, EMDR, AAMFT-S Reintegrative Therapy Association

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